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LTG Yarborough was recognized for his life-long dedication to the Army and Special Operations in 2000 when he received the Bull Simons Award from the United States Special Operations Command. Today’s graduates of the Special Forces Qualification Course each receive a fighting knife fittingly called the Yarborough Knife in recognition of his contributions to the command. General Bryan D. Brown, Commanding General of United States Special Operations Command, noted, “He worked diligently to increase the professional and academic standards of the JFK School, resulting in the development of courses that are still relevant today. His foresight was instrumental in the success of today’s special operations soldiers. Truly a thinking man’s soldier, LTG William P. Yarborough was one of the renowned figures of the special operations community. 

Knives can be purchased through the Special Forces Association or SF Museum.

This full size Special Forces Crest will display your prized knife with the tactical elegance it deserves.

The knife is is held in with a strong earth magnet which makes the knife readily available for use. 

3rd SFG(A)

Yarborough Presentation Crests

Two Tone Walnut & Oak

Wood Types

1st SFG(A)

5th SFG(A)

Presentation Crests Flash

Yarborough Knife Display

(The 7 inch "Green Beret Knife" by Chris Reeves fits this display.)

19th SFG(A)

Group Designator

Crestview Woodworks

10th SFG(A)


$5.00 S&H per item and 7% sales tax for Florida residences

The SF Crest comes in two standard color tones.  Additional woods are available upon request.
13x15 - $125.00




20th SFG(A)

7th SFG(A)

This is for the Crest background flash only.  Additional unit flashes are available upon request.  These can be fitted to your previously purchased crest.