About Us

Crestview Woodworks

   Crestview Woodworks is a disabled veteran owned business that aims to serve the military community.   Before retirement, the owner served throughout the United States Army Special Operations Command areas of operations; serving in 10th SFG, 1st SFG, SWCS, and 7th SFG.  During these multiple and repeated deployments around the world, visiting local craftsmen was very inspirational to the development to the interest in wood cravings and local crafts.  This led to the vision of the machine craved wood V-42 Special Forces Crest that could be mass reproduced while maintaining the handcrafted look.  Continuing this art, and fulfilling the requests from unit and team designed plaques and signs have expanded our capabilities to encompass a broader array of machinery to accomplish the tasks.  Our primary focus is on serving the military, but we get a lot of requests from the local population for uniquely craved signs and plaques.  Helping out is engrained in most Special Forces members as in its motto, “De Opresso Liber” to liberate the oppressed.  At Crestview Woodworks we continue that into our personal lives as an active member of the Special Forces Association (501-C19) community we participate in local events and serve as the treasurer for Chapter VII.

DOL, Scott