Make the V-42 an award by presenting an inscription or favorite logo.  You can have two lines with 40 characters per line.  The logo is approximately 3/4 x 1 inch.

1st SFG(A)

20th SFG(A)

5th SFG(A)

V-42 Presentation Crests without knife

The Crest comes in two basic color tones.  Additional woods types are available upon request.

NOTE: this crest is without stiletto.
13x15 $125.00

10th SFG(A)

Born of wartime necessity and proven on the battlefields of World War II, the Case V-42 is the stuff of legend. First conceived in 1942, the knife's design is attributed to then Lieutenant Colonel Robert T. Frederick. In honor of the legacy of the First Special Service Force, Case is proud of the 'faithfully true' reproduction of the classic original, patterned after the company's own museum piece. The tang stamp on the re-created Case V-42 reads CASE on one side, V-42 USA on the other. Even the accompanying leather sheath is completed according to the original World War II-era requirements.

Case & Son V-42

Original Replica with choice of crest, $625.00.

$20.00 S&H per item and 7% sales tax for Florida residences

V-42 Knife Displays

Presentation Crest with V-42 Stiletto

Presentation Crests Flash




$5.00 S&H per item and 7% sales tax for Florida residences

Generic V-42 Stiletto ​with choice of crest, $175.00.​​

3rd SFG(A)

United V-42 limited edition serial numbered 

Aaron Banks Stiletto

​with choice of crest, 


Wood Types

Choose your desired Stiletto and presentation crest wood type.

$20.00 S&H per item and 7% sales tax for Florida residences

Wood Types

Laser Engraving

This is for the Crest background flash only.  Additional unit flashes are available upon request.  These can be fitted to your previously purchased crest.

Group Designator

This full size Special Forces Crest will display your prized knife with the tactical elegance it deserves.

The knife is is held in with a strong earth magnet which makes the knife readily available for use. 

19th SFG(A)

Two Tone Walnut & Oak


Crestview Woodworks

7th SFG(A)

Laser Engraving on V-42 Stiletto

Chrome Silver Shadow

V-42 Stiletto ​with choice of crest, $225.00.​​