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CNC Design Process

CNC or Computer Numeric Control isn't rocket science, but close to it with all the required design and CAMing programs to generate G-Code for the controller software in order to create each unique one of a kind design or larger quantity mass production requirements.  Luckily someone has already done the hard part, of designing the software.

About My Custom CNC Wooden Signs and Plaques

I expertly design each sign and plaque so you can proudly display it on your trophy wall, house, cabin or RV.  Custom plaques and signs make an excellent gift for for any occasion, Christmas, Valentines Day, Birthdays.  These are great unique gifts, especially for those hard to find gifts for someone that already have everything.

The design process can take hours to days or even weeks depending on the size and detail required.

Plaques start with an digital photograph that is resized and cropped to the desired image. 

The image imported into the 3D imaging program, converted into vectors and then 3D components.  Modifying the component to make it look like the subject is where the most time is consumed during the design process.  A resulting image is produced and sent to the customer for approval before the final plaque is created in the CNC machine.

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