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​Personalize Tribute or Memorial Signs

Custom Signs with Graphics on Cypress. Create your own design for an exceptional gift for the friend that already has everything.

The sign is 12" tall and 19" wide craved in local Cypress and is priced at $70.00 (shipping included)

Congratulations Mike and Monica and I wish that every year gets better and better for you.

Established Signs are a unique gift for those special couples in your life.  These signs can be made from any of the wood types on the pricing page and will be designed to your specifications.  You can choose the font or go with what I have.  Also the heart design can be changed to meet what you like i.e. flowers, birds, butterflies.  The letter size will be adjusted to fit the names on the sign.  

The sign is 14" tall x 22" wide craved in Beech and is priced at $75.00 (shipping included).

​Medium Signs with Moderate Design (14" x 40" x 2") 


click on image to enlarge

click on image to enlarge

​Large Farm Entry Signs with Basic Design

(in this photo there are two signs) 

(14" x 96" x 2") 


Custom Wooden Signs​