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Sign: a notice bearing a name, direction, warning, or advertisement, which is displayed or posted for public view.

  Basic engraved or raised words signs with basic 2d or 3d graphic even though they may be larger, are generally less expensive than 3d commemorative plaques.  For pricing, please complete the order form below and I will get back to you with a quote.  

Plaque: an ornamental or commemorative inscribed tablet or plate of porcelain, wood, etc

  Commemorative plaques start at $30.00 for a 6 x 8 inch plaque with basic clip art 3d graphics. For larger plaques add $15.00 per inch.  Example: a 7 x 9 inch plaque will cost $45.00; a 10 x 12 inch plaque will cost $60.00.  If you see that I don't have the graphic art you want on your plaque, please send me the clip art, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .gif, .tiff or .png file format. The larger the file size the better detail I can extract from it.  Also, if you have Microsoft Office, Adobe Photo Shop, Solidworks .drw, .dxf, or .stl files, I can import those as well.

  For custom plaque designs from photos, prints and paintings, I charge a design fee of $50.00 per subject which will be applied toward the standard plaque fee above.  For each additional subject that you would like on your plaque add another $50.00.  If you want a single subject on a 10 x 12 inch or smaller, it will cost $60.00 and then $15.00 per inch for larger plaques. For the same plaque size previously mentioned, but two subjects, the starting cost will be $110.00.  I consider subjects to be each individual object that needs to be turned into a 3d graphic.  Examples of subjects; people, animals, vehicles, plants.  A person riding a horse will be considered two subjects.

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