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Hi my name is Scott Kramer,

​Since you've come to my website I assume you're interested in purchasing a plaque, sign or maybe some other woodworks for yourself, a friend or loved one.  Before you spend your hard earned cash, I thought you might want to know a little about the person you are buying from.

I was born and raised in a Navy family in San Diego, California. Where I graduated Christian High School and attended a community college for computer programing before enlisting into the Army.  I spent 25 years of active duty service as a Special Forces Engineer and Warrant Officer conducting multiple rotations to Operations Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and other operations throughout the world. During my time in the Army, I enjoyed woodworking as a hobby and while traveling the world, I appreciated visiting native woodworkers and collected their handmade wood crafts. Additionally, I have always been the "neighborhood handyman" that all my neighbors and friends gravitated to for assistance in their projects.  I retired from the military in 2012 in Crestview, Florida and started Crestview Woodworks while again attending college courses for Computer Automated Design (CAD) and business.  With my new learned skills a friend asked me for assistance in his business and I returned back to Afghanistan as a Special Operations Force's adviser to an Army R&D program managing and working in a "Monster Garage" fabrication shop.  There I expanded in my skills working with CNC and 3D printer machines and programs.  After returning home from my last tour, I decided to focus on my business and the love for wood design.  I hope you find my products of the highest quality and enjoy them as much as I do.  

Thanks for visiting,

Scott Kramer
Crestview Woodworks​